"The best part of having a relationship is getting to call the person or lay down next to them and tell them all the crazy things that happened to you all day long. And in the end that’s what it’s about, kids. It’s not about the sex, it’s not about the money that they give you or whatever. It’s not about how good-looking they are, it’s about, can they listen to you talk for hours and hours and hours about stupid shit that doesn’t matter. And if they can, then you’re meant to be together forever. Even if that means you have to call them 100 times, that’s okay. — Tegan Quin"



do you ever pretend like you didn’t see something so the other person doesn’t feel embarrassed 

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Con Pim dạo này còn làm graphic Hoàng đạo cho Song Ngư không đấy :-<

có chút phân tán tư tưởng :”>

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Are cancers honest and loyal

I’d say yes to both. Probably one of the most loyal signs that tend to have long-term commitments. However, for honestly, Cancers favour harmony so personally I have seen myself rather staying silent and not putting my thoughts forward in situations I don’t find necessary to turn down others’ opinions lol this may be seen as a bit dishonest? lol

"I’m simple: I don’t need expensive bags and I don’t need to be fetched around and I don’t need to be brought to hotels every day. I don’t need all that, I’m simple. I like busrides with you, I like enjoying each other’s company in silence and yet feeling utterly comfortable, I like walks home, I like cooking dinner together, I like hugs, I like it when you wipe away my tears when I cry. I like the simple things. I don’t need the riches to be happy. I just want the simplicities, the things that really matter. I just need someone to understand, someone not to yell at me when I accidentally give the wrong directions in the car, someone who won’t shout at me or say nasty things to me. That’s what I really need."
"I found it hard to be in love. Thats only because i didn’t want to fall in love. I refused to lower my walls down. I was too afraid of getting hurt. Once you open yourself up to someone, there’s a chance things won’t go the way you intended, and you will be left broken. I wasn’t ready to feel empty, not just yet."